Company Information

VG Software is a Toronto based company founded 7 years ago with one simple mission: to develop easy-to-use products that help DBAs in their day-to-day job. Our flagship product, SQL CheckUp is an essential tool in SQL Server monitoring process, that lets a DBA have a complete picture of the SQL server activity now and back in time.
We follow these basic principals when developing our products:
#1. It must be helpful. Our users are people of the DBA nation, one of the most intellectually powerful and hardworking groups of people. Our company was also founded by DBAs. We understand exactly how it feels when you know that something is wrong with the SQL Server, but you don’t know the reason because you do not have numbers. We give you all the numbers.
#2. It must be simple. We work hard to make your work easy. Everything in our product is one click away: current metrics and historical data, time aggregations and scope grouping. You just navigate up and down, back and forward to see the information you need.
#3. It must be fast. Even if you collected years of data for dozens of SQL Servers and your Repository database became a hundred gigabytes big, the SqlCheckUp Console’s response time is still almost instantaneous.
We welcome you to explore our site, and try our products – it’s a free download and a simple and quick installation. We love our products and we hope that you will too.

We are located:

66 Pacific Ave
Toronto, Ontario, M6P 2P4